Local SEO New York City, what it is, and why it should matter to you

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It is a fact that at some point in your life you have carried out a local search in New York City, whether you are a native or a tourist, or if you have just arrived, but you have surely wondered why certain businesses appear in the results on Google Maps? the answer: Local SEO.

SEO, are the rules that determine the position in which your business, brand, or product appears when conducting an internet search, being that more than 90% of these are done through Google, it is important to comply with the rules This search engine, in a nutshell, do good SEO for Google.

Now, local SEO refers to focusing your strategy to appear in the first search results in your place of residence, specifically on Maps, that is why this practice is recommended especially for those businesses that have a physical space that their potential customers can visit.

Why is it important to bet on Local SEO in NYC?

According to some interesting data from Google, half of the people who do a local search (the best hamburgers in New York City, for example), visit the physical store of one of the first three results in less than 24 hours, and the probability increases when they use the search to verify that such a store physically exists.

In the case of businesses outside the food sector, clothing, for example, Google reveals that 1 in 4 customers are informed online about the popularity of the store, the comments they make about it and the quality of their products, before deciding to go to the store to make a purchase.

Another point, no less important, is the investment made when betting on local SEO, according to data from various consulting agencies, flyers are discarded by more than 80% of the people who receive them, however, every one counts with a Smartphone, how they carry out searches, where local SEO, if well done, will allow us to reach them.

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Tools for Local SEO

There are few dedicated tools for local SEO, among which the first in mind should be Google My Business, if you want your business to be included in Google Maps in New York City, you must register it on this platform.

Another really good platform for manage your local profiles is Microsoft Bing Places for Business, it is a free tool that, as in Google My Business, you can upload your business profile, in this case, your profile will be discovered by various search engines and obviously in the Bing Search maps.

For its part, as in almost everything, Russia always seeks to compete, and in this case, we can access Yandex, the “Russian Google” that also allows us to upload the profile of our business, and also has a tool to manage multiple locations in different important listings

Suppose that you have already chosen to upload your profile to all these tools, well, suddenly you have to move premises or there is something important to change regarding your information, the reality is that no matter how minimal the change is, it is quite a laborious job, for which you can use SEM Rush Listing Management.

This tool helps you update all the information about your business in specialized directories. You only have to enter your contact information once and SEM Rush Listing Management does the rest.

Other good Local SEO practices

Local directories are a good option, try to locate as many as you can in your city and register your business, most of these sites are free and generally achieve good positioning.

Local positioning On-Page is also important, try to include in the articles that you share the name or business line of your business accompanied by the name of the city where you are, for example, “El Toro, The best Spanish cuIsine in NYC”.

Last but not least, do not forget about alliances, if you work with companies that carry out events, bazaars or that are looking for companies of your line of business to create content in this regard, do not forget to tell them to place a link to your site every time they mention you.

In summary, local SEO wants you to be in contact with your community through digital media, a practice that you will undoubtedly see reflected in the increase in your sales and the positioning of your brand in your locality.

Contact us if you want help to get your local Business well positioned on Google and listings, located in the hearth of New York City in Lower Manhattan, we provide service to all 5 boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

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